Manaslu Circuit Trek

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Birendra Lake At Manaslu Base Camp Samagaun
At a Glance
  • Duration17 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Technical Challenging
  • Maximum Altitude5160 m/16929 ft
  • ActivityOff The Beaten Restricted Area Trekking
  • Group Size1
  • StartsKathmandu
  • EndsKathmandu
  • Best SeasonMarch to May And September to December
Manaslu Circuit Trek Highlights
  • An exclusive view of breathtaking mountain peaks, including Ganesh Himal, Himlung, Mount Annapurna, and Mount Manaslu.
  • Panoramic view of the scenic landscapes and exquisite scenarios.
  • Explore Off The Beaten Path Manaslu Circuit Trek In 17 Days from Kathmandu.
  • Experience local culture and know the typical lifestyle of the Nepalese community in rural areas.
  • Most Popular Less Crowed Trekking Trail.
  • Explore the Magnificent view of the World's Eight Highest Peak Mount Manaslu(8163m/26781ft).
  • Spectacular view of Flora and fauna at Tsum Valley.
  • Cross distinctive bridges and pass on Budhi Gandaki River and its periphery.
  • Spend nights at warm and local Tea Houses.
  • Exploration of Mountains and Larke La Pass(5106m).

Are you eager for the Restricted Region, unspoiled, less crowded, and best pass trekking In Nepal If Yes The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best option for adventure trek lovers which was organized by Nepal’s leading trekking company Mount Glory Treks With Affordable cost.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best option for adventure seekers off the beaten trail to Mount Manaslu 8156m/26758 ft eighth-highest peak in the world. This 17 days trek will take you to Larke La Pass 5106 m/16751 ft which is the highest point on the trek.

The 17 Days Manaslu Trek will take us around the Manaslu Conservation Area Project and it is an alternative trek for the Everest Base Camp Trek And Annapurna Base Camp Trek with a low number of visitors and less traffic on the trail which is nowadays popular with many travelers all around the World.

Established in 1992 Manaslu Trail is a lifetime experience to Manaslu Base Camp which is surrounded by Annapurna Range in the west and Ganesh Himal Range in the east.

This was one of the highly protected and restricted areas managed by MCAP and ACAP so, you need a professional guide with knowledge of trekking for off The Beaten Manaslu Trek.

There are many Buddhist monasteries along the trail, Tsum Valley is another attraction and alternative trek of the Manaslu Region. Similarly, Sama Gaun, Arughat Bazar, Arkhet Bazar, Soti Khola, Macha Khola, etc. are famous places along the Manaslu Circuit Trek Route.

The Manaslu Himal lies on the northern border of Gorkha district which is popular by the name of Prithvi Narayan Shah who united Nepal at 1769 BS. Gurkha were Very famous in the British military for their bravery and sacrifice. So, travelers are lucky to trek around Manaslu Circuit passing the very famous and historical place called Gorkha. The epicenter of the 2015 big earthquake of 7.8 magnitude falls in the Barpak Village which lies on the Manaslu Circuit Trail.

One of the best Trekking In Nepal Manaslu Circuit Trek will provide you lifetime experience of trekking in Off the Beaten path bypassing the Suspension bridge in many places along the trek. You will see Pungen Gompa, Birendra Tal, and many other small Monasteries and Temples along the way.

This famous 17 Days Round Manaslu Trek will offer you the best trekking experience in Nepal. You will encounter different peoples having their unique culture, tradition, history, language, dress, Food, etc. People of different ethnic groups live in this area. Ethnic Groups like Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Lama, Baram, etc. live in the high elevation of the Manaslu Region whereas Newars, Bramhim, and Chhetri live in Arughat and nearby villages.

Why Explore the Untouched Beauty of 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trekking  In 2024/2025?

In this 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek, you will reach an optimum height of 5106 meters above sea level at Larke La Pass. During this journey to the peak, you will encounter the pristine flow of the Budhi Gandaki River, along with enchanting interaction with the lifestyle, culture, tradition, and different environmental diversities of the Manaslu Region.

If you want an alternative to the Larke La Pass, you can alternate through the colorful Tsum Valley Trek with the Manaslu Circuit. This small valley is filled with warm cups of tea and people and the rich customs and traditions of the Gurung community. You will experience the glorious Gurung tradition that reflects their Tibetan heritage in this alternate route. 

The Manaslu Conservation Area project was formally started in 1998 to protect the flora and fauna of this magnificent travel destination after the government of Nepal officially started this trek route as the best trekking destination in 1992.

Besisahar of Lamjung is the final foot trail destination of this 17-day Manaslu Trek. The way from Soti Khola of Gorkha to Besisahar of Lamjung offers you a magnificent view of Annapurna II, Nemjung, Himlung, and Cheo. Annapurna II in the West and Ganesh Himal in the East are some of the major attractions for you during this entire trek.

Off The Beaten Trail With a Stunning View Of the Himalayan Range:

This Newly discovered Manaslu Trekking Trail has warm of with the reputation of best trekking trail in just 30 years as there are many mountains like Mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Himchuli, Gangapurna, Langtang, etc. Apart from mountain views, there are many high green hills with rhododendron forests, Pine forests,s and many other unique varieties of Flora and Fauna.
Epic Manaslu Circuit Trail is a less crowded and challenging trekking trail for beginners as well as experts. Because there are many small cities like Aarughat, and Arkhet the beautiful villages of Samagaun, Samdo, Tsum Valley, Lho, and Birendra Tal area provide you with a unique travel experience.

Trekkers Can Explore Diverse Cultures, Tradition, History, and Festival during 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek:

As you go from about 1,000 m to 5106m you will encounter different people having different languages, traditions, cultures, histories, and religions. Most of the people in the city area exercise Hinduism and culture as well as traditions related to Hindus. They belong to Newar, Brahms, Chhetri, etc. Whereas when you ascend to a higher altitude you will find the majority of Lama, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, etc. and they practice Buddhism. However, nowadays few people in this region are found practicing Christianity. These people are Tibetian Refuses and most of their trade was done between Tibet and Nepal.

Explore the Ancient Kingdom Of Gorkha, Barpak Village collecting the Remote Driving Experience Throughout the Manaslu Circuit Trek:

You will have the opportunity to visit the ancient and historical Gurkha which is famous by the name of brave Gurkha all around the globe. This is a unique experience for travelers. You will not only experience the remote driving experience along the Budi Gandaki trail but also witness the reconstruction of whole villages with concrete houses that were destroyed by the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake of Magnitude 7.8.


Welcome And Namaste! On the first day of our trekking, the representatives of Mount Glory will receive all the enthusiastic trekkers at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Our representative will be showing the signboard of our organization at the TIA terminal so that you can recognize our representative easier. Once all the trekkers are gathered, our representative will transfer you to the booked hotel in a private tourist vehicle.

While you are going to hotels, you will be given a general gist of how the trip is planned and about our various services. Once you reach the hotel and freshen up, we will be meeting in the Mount Glory office to discuss the trip. At the same time, we will be sharing our experiences with various mountain landscapes and beautiful sceneries across the Himalayas for another day's tour. Then we will meet you with our experienced guide who will take you to the beautiful mountains.

    After the meeting is over, you will be given a leisurely day. You can do anything you want in Kathmandu as long as you get back to the designated room by night. This includes shopping and taking a tour of the world heritage sites.

    Or If you want to do the Kathmandu UNESCO Sightseeing Tour(Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swyambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple)  we will arrange it as per your request at an additional cost which you see in our booking option there you can find our Add On Option.

      The third day of our package is the day of your departure. First of all, you will naturally have breakfast at the hotel you are staying at. After breakfast, we will provide you with a bus with our experienced guides and porters. Firstly we will stop at Arughat for some refreshments.
      After a short break, our Manaslu Trek will continue to Sotikhola. On this journey, you will witness Nepal's cultural and traditional lifestyle. You will pass different river ridges on the bus, a lifetime memory for any traveler.
      The entire drive from Kathmandu will last for 7 to 8 hours. The destination for the day will be Sotikhola, a beautiful city between two high hills on the bank of the Budhi Gandaki river.

        After a good rest at a local accommodation at Solti Khola, our trekking starts on the fourth day of our package. The trail will begin at the Machha Khola and pass through Verdant woodland leading us through Budhi Gandaki River. The waterway crosses the Manaslu conservation and gains a fantastic view of the river valley.

        We travel through a sandy riverbank overlooking the river before joining a winding mountain; we will encounter many Gurung settlements in Lapu Bensi. If everything goes according to plan, there will be plenty of time to interact with the locality and enjoy the local delicacies.

        After a day-long trek in Nepal, we finally reach Machha Khola for an overnight stay.

          On the fifth day of our Manaslu Trek in Nepal, we start our morning with a warm breakfast before our day-long trek to Jagat village. On the way, we cross the breathtaking rivers, including Tharo Khola, as the trail descends towards our destination. We pass the village of Khola Bensi and reach Tatopani Hot Spring. 

          After some brief moments of enjoyment, we follow the banks of the Budhi Gandaki River to reach Yaru Khola and finally reach the beautiful Jagat Village for an overnight stay. Naturally, there will be local delicacies and local entertainment waiting for you - if you are not tired from the day-long trek. 

            After breakfast at Jagat, we start our trail to Deng, another village in the mountain bosoms. The trail ascends the beautiful village of Sirdibas, which is widely known for its traditional stone build homes and scenic streets. On this journey of Manaslu Trek in Nepal, the breathtaking view of the Sringi Himal Range and Chamar Mountain will be there to refresh our eyes and mind. 
            As our trip progresses on the sixth day, we descend to Budhi Gandaki River and cross a suspension bridge to reach Philim. Following that, we continue your trail through beautiful Gurung village to reach Ekle Bhatti. Finally, this beautiful trail takes us to our destination through Pewa Village. After a day-long journey, what welcomes us is the warm hospitality of the Deng locals. Similar to our previous night, we will spend our night here under the warm care of the locals. 

              After breakfast at Deng, we continue our trek to Namrung through lush greenery and a sweeping valley view. The view in the valley will be worth your every second and is enough to make you forget all your tiredness.

              Through our path, we will be able to see Buddhist scripture stones and get influenced by Tibetian Culture.

              Our central point for this day's trek will be Prok Village. Here we will take a short break with the stunning view of Sringi Himal within our sights. The cool breeze and fresh smell of the untainted mountains will be the cherry on top. After a 5-6 hours journey to Deng, we will reach Namrung, staying overnight

                After breakfast at Namrung, we continue our 10km walk to reach Lho Gaun. It is a beautiful Village and witnesses the beautiful Mansiri Himal range. Our journey from this point will constantly be filled with mountains and Himchulis. Along with the mountains, we cannot discount the multiple monasteries that we come across.

                Ribung Gompa, Lho Gumpa, and Lihi Gaun are the most attractive part of the whole trek. Finally, after 5-6 hours of a trek through the largely untainted trekking trails, we reach Lho Gaun for a warm welcome and an overnight stay. 

                  After breakfast at Lho Gaun, we continue our 8km trek to Sam again. Although this is a short trek, we will be ascending steadily through village plateaus and Pungent Glacier. The marvelous mountains will always be within our view, and the smell of fresh earth and cold glacier air will constantly energize us.

                  After a day-long trek, we pass Shyala village to reach Samagoun. Sam again is a beautiful village of the entire Manaslu Circuit Trek. This Village is famous for the Gurung settlement and its unique slate stone-built home. From here, we enjoy a remarkable view of Manaslu conservation during clear weather.

                    Although this trek is about the journey and not the destination, it's a good idea to take a break and just enjoy the place for a while. On our 10th day, this is what we will do. Here we get used to the climate before further ascension. There are some landmarks that you can visit, such as Pungyen Gompa and Birendra Tal as well. 

                      After a light local breakfast, we resume our journey on the 11th day. The destination for this day will be Samdo Village. Similar to the previous day of trekking, this will be a slow ascend. Walking through Budi Gandaki River Valley, our eyes will constantly feast on the snow-capped mountains and open hills. The pleasant sound of nature will assault our ears, and our sense of smell will be thankful to us. 
                      After we reach the general area of our destination, we trek an additional three to four hours towards a beautiful remote settlement populated by Tibetian Refusee and reach Samdo Village. After some rest, the night will be spent at Hotel Samdo. It is good to have some luxury after days of living in nature

                        On the twelfth day of our trekking, our journey will begin with a walk through some wooden bridges through Larke Glacier and Larke Bazar to reach Dharmashala. This place is famous and important as a commercial trade center between Nepal and Tibet. After four hours of walking from Samdo, we reach Larke La Pass. Larke La Pass is also known as Dharmashala, and we will be staying overnight at this Dharamshala.

                          Although the number 13 is considered an unlucky number in many cultures, for us, this is one of the most important days. We take an eight-hour walk and ascend the Magnificient Larkya La and Cho Danda as we continue our hike through Larkya Glacier and enjoy the stunning and constant view of the snow-capped mountains that glow in the sunlight around us.

                          These views include ranges like Cheo Himal, Annapurna 2, Himlung Himal, and other snow-capped hills from Larkya La Pass. After a tough trek, our day ends with an overnight stay at the Bhimthang Village.

                            Once we pass the Larke La Pass, it's time to descend. After breakfast at Bhimphedi, we descend towards Tilje. After that, we cross the wooden bridge along Karcher La; we reach the Marsyangdi River valley through Karcher La. This day will be beautiful as the rest of our journey, filled with a breathtaking view of the mountains and the sound and smell of nature. 

                              On the last day of our Manaslu Base Camp Trek, we descend 19 kilometers through the Dudh Khola to Thonje. Crossing the Marysangdi River, we finally reach Dharani. While descending, the change of scenario will be obvious to you as you see snowcapped mountains slowly melting their way to green hills covered with forests.

                              We may need to register a police checkpoint in Karta and pass through another village of Tal through Marsyangdi Tal is the scenic village where many trekkers choose to spend nights. After this long journey, we finally reach Chamje for an overnight stay.

                                The Manaslu Circuit Trek's unforgettable journey will end today at Chamje. After breakfast, we drive to Besisahar, a getaway of Annapurna Circuit Trek, and return to Kathmandu. We descend through the Marsyangdi River valley. Although the trekking part is over, the view and scenarios you will witness will still be stunning.

                                You can have shopping and visit the different markets in Kathmandu and join the Farewell dinner with our representative, and we will provide a certificate of trip completion.

                                  After Breakfast at the Hotel, our Trek at Manaslu Conservation Area ends at the location we started. Representatives of mount glory will drop you at Kathmandu International Airport for the flight. The circuit of trek completion will be given to you before your departure.

                                    NOTE: All information in this itinerary is accurate to the best of our knowledge, considering the current situation of the itinerary. But please note that the changes might occur at any time despite our best efforts to improve our program or due to logistical regions such as traffic jams, flight schedules, weather conditions, governmental policies, or any external reasons.  

                                    If you are not satisfied with the above itinerary please you can customize it yourself and follow the below Customize Link.

                                    B – Breakfast, L – Lunch, D – Dinner 

                                    What's Included
                                    • Airport/ Hotel pick up and drop by private tourist vehicle. 
                                    • Three nights twin sharing 3-star Accommodation in Kathmandu with breakfast (You can arrange a single room upon payment of an extra $50 per night)
                                    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner while on trekking days.
                                    • Transportation throughout the duration of the trek from Kathmandu, Arughat, to Soti Khola by public bus. 
                                    • Standard Guest House accommodation during the trip on a twin-sharing or triple-sharing basis.
                                    • Government Licensed Experienced Guide / Trek Leader with high language proficiency.
                                    • Porter Service(1 Porter For 2 Travelers).
                                    • Food, Accommodation, salary, insurance, and equipment for every involved staff.
                                    • Manaslu special permit along with conservation area permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit Fees (ACAP fees).
                                    • Free Mount Glory Duffle and T-shirt.
                                    • Government, Hotel, and other applicable taxes.
                                    What's not Included
                                    • International Taxes and Airforce.
                                    • Personal Travel Insurance.
                                    • Cost for Nepal Entry Visa.
                                    • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
                                    • Personal Expenses.
                                    • Guide Tips, Porter Tips, and Driver Fees.
                                    • Additional expenses are not included in the section termed "Price Includes".

                                    Dates & Availability

                                    Select a Departure Month
                                    Starts: MondayFeb 26, 2024
                                    Ends: WednesdayMar 13, 2024

                                    Useful Information

                                    17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost For 2024/2025:

                                    Most of our travelers are afraid of the Budget before planning the trekking in Nepal. We have come up with a solution for all these queries. The average cost of 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek is about 1250 USD Per Person. That includes a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu, a Drive to Machha Khola by bus, a Professional trekking guide, a Porter per 2 travelers, lodging, and food throughout the trek in the tea house. However, this cost may vary depending on the traveler's choice the mode of transportation(Private Jeep), Star hotels in Kathmandu, Extra porters, and duration of the trek as travelers can shorten the trek to 10 days and lengthen it to 20 days depending on a travelers hiking experience. Our average customer can finish this trek in 17 days Normally.

                                    Follow this below Cost breakdown Of 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek:

                                    No Of TravelersCost Per Person
                                    1-1USD 1250
                                    2-3USD 1150
                                    4-6USD 1100
                                    7-12USD 1050

                                    Trekkers Want to know more about the details Visit the Cost Of Manaslu Circuit Trek In 2024/2025.

                                    Note: If you have more than 12 Travelers who want to explore Manaslu Trek You can directly contact the Operation Team for a special discount.

                                    Whatsapp:+977 9849856378(Santosh) Or,


                                    Which season is the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trekking?

                                    The 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek is a fascinating lifetime experience for every traveler so, people ask us the best time to do this unique challenging trek in Nepal. We generally recommended Autom(September to November) and Spring (March to May) for this trek. This time is also the festival time in Nepal so travelers are found enjoying the local festivals with locals. As the view is clear and the weather is usually dry and sunny. There are no rains and flood, also the chances of snowfall and blocked trail is less during this season. But June, July, and August are rainy seasons with chances of rain, flood, and landslides and the trail is slippery. Similarly, December, January, and February are Winter and the temperature is cold and the view is blocked by fog and cloud. So, Mount Glory Treks recommends you trek during the peak season however many travelers nowadays are found going up in the mountain during off off-season as there are enough tea houses for food and lodging.

                                    Is a Permit Fee Required for the trek to Manaslu?

                                    Permit is compulsory for trekking in Nepal. The cost varies with the region and duration of the trek. The average cost for the 17-day Manaslu Circuit Trek charged by MCAP, ACAP, Restricted Area Permit, and TIMS are as follows.

                                    • Manaslu Conservation Area Project(MCAP) 30 USD Per Person 
                                    • Manaslu Conservation Area Project(MCAP) 10 USD Per Person for SAARC Nationality.
                                    • Annapurna Conservation Area Project(ACAP) 30 USD Per Person 
                                    • Annapurna Conservation Area Project(ACAP) 10 USD Per Person for SAARC Nationality.
                                    • Restricted Area Permit Cost September to November USD 100 for 7 Days Per Person 
                                    • USD 15 per day for more than 7 days stay in this region.
                                    • Restricted Area Permit Cost December to August USD 75 For 7 days Per Person and USD 10 Per Day for more than 7 days stay in this region.
                                    • Trekkers Information Management System(TIMS) costs Rs 2000 Per Person for foreigners.
                                    • Trekkers Information Management System(TIMS) costs Rs 1000 Per Person for SAARC Nationality.

                                    Is it possible For 17 Days Manaslu Trekking Without a Guide?

                                    It is not possible for the Manaslu Circuit Trekking without a guide. This restricted area is not allowed for solo travelers and you need a restricted area permit(Special Permit) Provided by the Government of Nepal travelers must be in a group or a minimum of 2 members excluding a guide or porter.

                                    On April 1, 2023, the government of Nepal may compulsory for any trekkers to have a professional guide or porter working with the certified company listed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation.

                                    Full Guide For Manaslu Circuit Trek In Nepal 2024/2025

                                    The Requirement for Trekkers In Manaslu Circuit Trekking is as follows:

                                    • Travelers must be associated with trekking agencies which are registered by the Ministry of Tourism.
                                    • Guide or Porter are mandatory while doing Manaslu Circuit Trek.
                                    • A minimum of 2 travelers are required excluding Guides and Porters.
                                    • Special Trekking Permit through the Government of Nepal.
                                    • Manaslu Conservation Area Project(MCAP), Annapurna Conservation Area Project(ACAP), and Trekker Information Management System(TIMS) by the Department of Tourism and Trekking Agencies Association Of Nepal.
                                    • Original Passport and 4 Passport Size Photographs are required.
                                    • Travel Insurance that covers the emergency rescue Over 6000m.
                                    • Required Payment for Permit that depends upon the duration of trek and area of trekking.

                                    Hiring Guide or Porter  during the 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek:

                                    Guide or Porter is mandatory during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The average cost of the licensed trekking guide is 20-25 USD Per Day while the Porter cost is 18-20 USD Per Day That covers the guide and porter's daily wages, accommodation, food, and insurance. We provide a porter per 2 travelers who carry a maximum of 20 kg.

                                    Is Travel Insurance required during the trek to Manaslu Circuit?

                                    Travel Insurance is a mandatory part of Every trekking in Nepal. The Manaslu Trekking route is a restricted and challenging trek that takes a minimum of 12 days to 20 days maximum to complete the trek. There may be difficulties like Altitude sickness, frostbite, illness, or any type of medical problem during the Trek. So, travel insurance is required to cover the physical and financial loss. Trekkers need travel insurance from a good insurance company that covers every type of Loss. You need to have 6000m travel insurance which covers the Medical Cost and Helicopter Rescue Cost.

                                    How To Avoid Altitude Sickness During 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek?

                                    Before starting the trek you will be prepared for the trek by your guide or company. They will talk about the required luggage, Medicine, water etc that you need to carry with you. This trek will gradually take you to a height of 1000m to 5000m. So, your guide will carry the required First Aid medical equipment and will help you to manage the trek according to your physical fitness.

                                    • Avoid alcohol and drugs during the trek.
                                    • Drink plenty of water to stay away from dehydration.
                                    • Walk slowly and comfortably on high hills and always talk to your guide about your physical condition.
                                    • Do not carry more than 10 kg in your luggage as you are unfamiliar with the environment.
                                    • Have enough time for rest on acclimatization day.
                                    • Mount Glory Treks Team will manage the rest day depending upon your physical condition on your request. However, our Manaslu Trekking Itinerary has a day for acclimatization over 4000m at Samagaun.

                                    What types of Food And Accommodation During Manaslu Circuit Trekking:

                                    We recommended having Nepalese Dal Bhat(Rice, Lentil, Curry, Pickle, Meat, Or Veg) at Lunch time during the trek which contains every nutrient required. During breakfast, you will be provided with an Egg, Bread, Toast, Soup, and Tea. But you can also choose from a Menu where you will find typical Nepalese food, Indian Food, Italian Food, and other Continental Foods like Momo, Chowmein, Noodles, Burger, etc.
                                    Tea Houses are the major accommodation centers during the trek. The rooms are single, Double or Triple sharing basis. Every bed has a pillow, Mattress, and warm blankets but you can also carry sleeping bags with you.

                                    Following trekking gears are mandatory before the 17 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek


                                    • Trekking Boots
                                    • Trekking Shocks
                                    • Sandals


                                    Body Wear:

                                    • Sweater
                                    • Water Proof Jacket
                                    • Paints
                                    • Trousers
                                    • Light Weight Cotton Shirts
                                    • Down Jackets
                                    • Hooded rain Jacket



                                    • Gloves



                                    • Hat
                                    • Cap
                                    • Scarf
                                    • Sun Glass
                                    • Head Light
                                    • Wipes


                                    Other Accessories:

                                    • Thermal Bottle
                                    • Water Purifier
                                    • Trekking poles



                                    • Towel
                                    • Tooth Brush
                                    • Tooth Pest
                                    • Toilet Paper
                                    • Nail Clipper


                                    Personal uses:

                                    • Cell Phone
                                    • Charger
                                    • Nepali Phone Number
                                    • Notebook
                                    • Pen
                                    • Binoculars
                                    • Power Bank
                                    • Money for extra expenses

                                    Manaslu Circuit Trek FAQs

                                    • Depending on the service and length of the trek Manaslu Circuit Trek is like any other trekking. The 17-day Manaslu trek costs around $1250 For single travelers depending on the sharing basis of transportation. If you want to take a private jeep from Kathmandu to Soti Khola the Manaslu trek cost is around $300 for a total of of 6 trekkers in one jeep. This trek is expensive because the permit is costly and you need a minimum of 2 travelers with a guide. If you are a group of 2 travelers the cost is USD 1150 Per Person all Inclusive costs from Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

                                    • Manaslu Region is a restricted region for solo travelers. A minimum of 2 travelers is needed for the trek with a guide, and a trekking permit from a local travel company. ACAP And MCAP permits are compulsory

                                    • Trekking In the Manaslu Region is a tea house trek where single rooms with 2 beds are available. Toilets are shared and outside the room. Heating is available in the dining part of the hotel. Food is available in the teahouse. Manaslu Trek's cost will increase depending on how much you spend on accommodation.

                                    • Usually, there is wifi in every tea house and you have to pay an extra charge whereas phone calls can be made by SAT phones with some charges

                                    • Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderately difficult trek so, trekkers need to be physically fit to do this trek. This trek has many suspension bridges and cantilever bridges. Trekkers should be physically and mentally prepared for the trek.

                                    • Yes, Guide is compulsory as it is the most thrilling and adventurous off the beaten trail. Solo travelers are not given permits so you need at least a guide and a minimum of 2 travelers for this trek.

                                    • March, April, May, September, October, November, and December is the best time for Manaslu Trekking. But, this trek can be done throughout the year as it is only of moderate level difficulty. Do note that Manslu Trek's cost will vary depending on the season with off-season costing slightly more.

                                    • Coordinates: 28°32′58″N 84°33′43″E

                                      It is on the northern border of Nepal where Annapurna 2 surrounds it from the West and Ganesh Himal From the East. It is a border with China.

                                    • You will go to Soti Khola by bus or private vehicle depending upon the budget and the finish to Besisahar to Kathmandu by bus or private vehicle. Manaslu Trek's cost will vary depending on the type of mode of transportation you use.

                                    • Depending upon the time and budget this trek can be tailored by the travel company according to the wishes of travelers. This trek is a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 20 days from Kathmandu. If you take a helicopter ride then the trek becomes much shorter.

                                    • Yes, travel insurance is most important while doing Manaslu Circuit trekking. It covers every loss and protects travelers from financial loss during the trek.

                                    Clients Reviews

                                    • rating starManaslu Circuit Trekking 17 Days With Experienced Guide Mr.Bikash

                                      Me and my girlfriend did Manaslu Circuit Trek-17 Days with the best travel agency Mount Glory. When we researched a few trekking companies in Google search we found Mount Glory and sent an email to this company. After a few hours, they sent me a good itinerary with details of this Manaslu Trek. We are very satisfied with their all details with cost. After arrival at Kathmandu airport, Mr.Santosh who is the Owner of this company and our guide Mr.Bikash waited for us outside of the arrival gate. We transferred to the best hotel in Thamel and took a rest that day. The next day we visited the Mount Glory office in Thamel and they gave us full details of our upcoming plan. We arrange Kathmandu to Soti Khola By private Jeep. The whole trek was wonderful and very memorable for us. We are very happy with this best service-oriented trekking company for Manaslu Circuit. Mr, Bikash, and our porter Lama are very young and energetic guys. Thanks for your support in every step of our whole Manaslu Trek. Thanks For Your Support We definitely take your service on our next visit to Everest Base Camp Trek coming the year 2023. Thank You!

                                      clark ManuelUnited Kingdom,August 16, 2022
                                    • rating starTrek To Manaslu Circuit

                                      In my perspective, Manaslu Trek is the best choice for trekkers seeking adventure. The guidance of Mount Glory Treks is amazing. Thank you for helping us get to the base camp. It was a memorable experience.

                                      Bersel GrosinNew Zealand,July 13, 2022
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