Langtang Valley Trek 7 Days

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At a Glance
  • Duration7 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude4995 m/16387 ft
  • ActivityTrekking In Nepal
  • Group Size1
  • StartsKathmandu
  • EndsKathmandu
  • Best SeasonMarch, April, May and September, October, November are the best month for Langtang Valley Trek But possible to do it all around the year.
Langtang Valley Trek 7 Days Highlights
  • Breathtaking vistas of the majestic mountains like Dorje Lapka, Langtang Lirung, and Langtang Ri.
  • Observing the natural magnificence and scrutinizing the Tamang and Sherpa culture.
  • Travel with a purpose that serves assistance to the Langtang village.
  • Visiting an elderly cheese factory.
  • It is possible to encounter several threatened animals and birds with the red panda being the most endangered one.
  • Hike to Tsergo-Ri (4995 m) for a dazzling sunrise view.
  • Encountering the enchanting kanjin Gompa monastery which is highly valued in the region.
  • Trek into the Langtang National Park.


The stunning Langtang Valley Trek, a hidden gem of adventure is just at shouting distance from Kathmandu. This enthralling odyssey leads you through the astonishing Langtang National Park which serves stunning landscaped vistas and high alpine meadows, where you will be speechless. This journey also serves you the optimal hike to Kyanjin Ri or Tsergo Ri with alluring panoramas of the grandiose peaks like Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Ri, and Langtang Lirung.

An optimal blend of Venture; the Langtang Valley trek overall in 7 days is a perfect choice for those who have a short vacancy, a limited budget, and wanna experience a great Himalayan hike. Taking over approximately 78km from Kathmandu to Kyanjin Gompa, this 7-day excursion will give you many unforgettable experiences and memories.

Many adventure trekkers all around the World know more about Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, or Annapurna Circuit Trek but Langtang Valley Trekking is also the best trekking route option for enthusiastic hikers.

Another reason for this journey is that people want to go to the holy Gosaikunda Lake which is often frozen in the winter, where many adventure lovers have fancy skating. Exploring higher altitude opportunities as well as goose-bumping views of sacred Gosaikunda Lake (4380 m) will surely blow your mind away. Altogether there are 108 (ponds) lakes around the area some famous are Bhairab Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, Surya Kunda, etc. Especially Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims go and worship in the pristine Gosaikunda Lake.

Immersing into the rich diverse culture of the Tamang and Sherpa communities plus Buddhist culture as well as you amble past Mane stones and visit Monasteries like Kyanjin Gompa. Kyanjin Gompa, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery nestled in the Langtang valley at an elevation of 3870 m is only a day’s trek from Langtang village. The monastery is surrounded by the ravishing Himalayan ranges and this is also a sacred site for local Tibetan Buddhists. It serves as flaunting traditional architecture, prayer flags, and religious artifacts as well as the monastery is a landmark for Buddhist teachings and meditation. Kyan means “camel” and jin means “ribs,” and myth has it that the monastery was built from a rock that looked like camel ribs. It is believed that the Gompa is about 280-300 years old.

Langtang village was devastated by the 2015 earthquake, which is almost rebuilding nowadays.

Conclude your 7-day Langtang Valley journey by summiting at 4995 m at Tserko Ri. For the experience, acclimatized and adventure lovers, summiting Tserko Ri (4995 m) or Kanjin Ri (4773m  ) values a beyond-the-limit thrilling joy to their trek.

Best Reasons to Hike on Langtang Valley:

There are several best logic for hiking in the Langtang Himalayan Region of Nepal. Many visitors visit this location to study the flora and fauna found in the Langant Conservation area, and to enjoy the Tamang community and their food, culture, dress, lifestyle and many more reasons to visit this area are listed below.

The nearest hiking trial for the heart of Nepal's Capital City Kathmandu

Lantang Himalayan Range is located on the north side of Kathmandu, the Lantang Valley is only 51 kilometers far away from the crowded metropolis. After a few hours of traveling or driving, we will reach at our destination dominated by the magnificent Langtang Lirung. After 6-7 hours of travel, we will pass through many highway stores, residential areas, and the rushing river known as Trishuli which offers vacationers and hikers glimpses of the neighboring hills. Langtang trip and expedition will be easier compared with other base camp and circuit treks like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek because it is closer to the city so our guests can have the facilities of wifi, charging, hot showers, and many more but after using facilities certain amount are included in your bills.

Stunning Alpine Vistas from the Top of Langtang Region

The Langtang Region basin has yet to be especially noted for its enormous mountain ranges above 7000 -8000 meters. yet the valley allows tourists the additional advantage of observing the magnificent as well as breathtaking summits of the alpine range. Our Mount Glory Treks recommends our clients and hikers have flexible schedules to enjoy the vista of the great Himalayan Range above 8000-meter-high cliffs. During the trial, visitors will get a chance to witness towering peaks emerging from lush densely forested terrain. All individuals will swiftly come upon Yala Peak, Langtang Lirung (7246m), Gang Chhenpo (6,388m), Yansa Tsenji (6,575m), Naya Kanga (5,846m), Dorje Lakpa (6,966m), Langshisha RI (6370m), and Kimshung (6781m). Throughout your itinerary, you are offered different fun activities.

Secret Hindu and Buddhist holy Gosaikunda Lake Extension Trip During Langtang Circuit Trekking.

According to the Hindu religious book, Gosaikunda is one of the most holy places. every year hundreds and thousands of Hindus visit the Gosaikunda River where it is reputed that the lord Shiva flung his trident into the mountains after being poisoned. Since high Gosaikunda Lakes aren't included on the Langtang District Trip schedule, travelers can undertake our Langtang Valley Extension Trek, caring for which takes visitors through the Laurabina Pass and to Gosaikunda Lake. Hindus believe that bathing in this holy lake will wash away their misery, worries, and sin.

Untainted Heritage of Langtang Gorgeous Village

The paths that lead to Langtang Province Valley pass via tiny villages populated by Tibetans, Tamang, and Sherpas. These regions' traditional and multicultural communities have a unique cultural flavor, including distinct Buddhist rites and customs. These social traditions are centuries old and unaffected by the contemporary phenomenon of globalization. If one glances through their cultural norms and customs, it provides an incredible exotic encounter that becomes readily identifiable when you engage in their warm and welcoming demeanors.

Witness the Amazing Resurrection of the Langtang Area

The earthquake in 2015 struck Nepalese difficult, with Langtang Province suffering most severely. Following the disaster, tourists ceased arriving. However, the shaking barely harmed three percent of the entire Langtang Basin. Tourists can witness the canyon's rebirth. Tea Houses and motels are being rebuilt to improve their layout and services. Visiting Langtang also benefits the residents, as tourism is a major source of their financial situation.

Affordable Budget while hiking on Langtang Valley Trail

If you are on a low budget but want to hike in Nepal our Mount Glory Treks highly recommend an individual to have Langtang Valley trail which is less expensive compared to major climbs such as the Everest Region and Annapurna Region Treks. However, there is no sacrifice in terms of quality and service. The Lagtang Region is outstanding but you are guaranteed an experience that is more compared to any additional excursion.

Off-the-beaten-path experience through the trek of the Langtang Region of Nepal

On an annual basis, Thousands of tourists visit Nepal to relocate or to be close to the majestic Himalayan Range. At the peak season, the Annapurna circuit trek and Everest base camp trek might be quite busy, if you want to explore the full extent of nature's splendor in a less crowded place the Langtang Valley trek will be the finest destination where you can walk while taking in the hypnotizing natural scenery, ruler life, diversified culture, flora, and fauna.

Best Cheese Factory in the World

While hiking to the destination of our Lantang Himalayan Range you will encounter a local cheese factory. These factors were built by taking the support and help of the Swiss people in 1950 AD but in 2015 it was destroyed by an earthquake and landslide and again rebuilt with the help of the Swiss government with better than previous one. Nowadays the cheese for the Lantang Himalayans region is considered as one of the best cheese in the globe comparing the taste with several countries. This traditional cheese factory in the Kyanjin Gompa has become one of the main attractions part of the Lantang Trek, many hikers visit and enjoy the fresh and pure Cheese (with 0% chemical )made in this yak factory.

Kyanjin Gompa Visits One of the Popular  Buddhist Monastery at the Himalayan Peaks of Langtang Nepal

Kyanjin Gompa is located inside the national park of Langtang. To reach Kyanjin Gompa Hikers need 3 days of walking from the closest major highway which is located south of Tibet and the Langtang Mountain Range. Kyanjin Gompa is a tiny village and many populations follow the Buddhist Religion, the monastery is located at an elevation of 3860 m above sea level and this high altitude offers every individual hiker breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peak of the valley known as Langtang Valley. About 280 -300 years ago people used to believe that the word "kyan" meant camel and "jin" meant ribs. we highly recommend our clients visit Kyanjin Gompa to collect more information and memories of your destination of the Nepal Himalayan Range at Langtang Valley.

Flora and Fauna found in the Langtang National Park

Langtang National Park is Nepal's first Himalayan national park(Established in 1976) situated at an elevation of 4300m which covers an area of 1710km Square. The national park is host to a rich diversity of biodiversity, wildlife, and plants, such as the rare Red Panda, Alpine tahr, and an array of birds. The park's natural splendor, including breathtaking landscapes, alpine meadows, and glaciers, adds more attractiveness to visiting Kyanjin Gompa for visitors.

Culture of Tamang Ethnic Communities

Among the most significant ethnic communities in Nepal, the Tamang communities live in the Langtang valley of Nepal. They primarily follow Buddhism, and people of the Langtang Himalayan Region are additionally strongly influenced by spirituality and a small number of Hinduism. According to the Tibetan language, (TA) means horse, and (Mang) means trader. The Tamang community historical path is one of the less frequented hiking routes, which contributes to maintaining their traditions and customs. They had few guests in 2004 but this allowed them to preserve their essential culture. They still communicate in their Tamang Language and their main festival is known as Losar. The word Tamang Losar in Nepali means New Year in which Lo symbolizes New and SAR means Year. Loshar is considered the most important festival in the Tamang community and it is still celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Langtang Valley Trek Cost For 2024/2025:

Every Traveler is curious about the cost of this interesting  Langtang Valley Trek. The Starting cost per person for 7 Days of Langtang Valley Trek is USD 550, however, this cost may vary depending upon the group size, number of porters, Guides, helper's mode of accommodation, food, transport, and luxury of travel. Please follow our below cost group details.

No of PaxPrice Per Person
1-1USD 550
2-3USD 510
4-6USD 490
7-10USD 470
11-15USD 430

If You have more than 15 Travelers you can directly contact Us For a Special Group Discount Offer via Whatsapp:+977-9849856378 Or Email: [email protected]

Accommodation and Food In Langtang Region:

The newly rebuilt modern tea houses are very cozy to stay in. Single or Multiple beds with basic required services with sanitary norms will make you feel better during your stay. If needed, we can provide extra sleeping bags up to -20 degrees for extra warmth. Some hotels do not have modern facilities like attached bathrooms and showers however you can get a hot shower upon request. Wifi connectivity is available and a nice gesture by the local people will make you feel good.

Due to the majority of the Tamang community, Tamang food is quite popular during the whole trek. However, you can get different choices like Pizza, Momo, Burger, Chowmin, Soup, Daal-Bhaat, Chapati, Masala Tea, Coffee, Yak cheese, toast, bread, and egg varieties. Our guide also carries some fruits and snacks for you. You can also buy groceries according to your preferences and needs.

To stay away from dehydration, we will provide you the water purifier tablets as bottled water and hot water are expensive in the high altitude regions. No compromise on health safety

Permit Requirements and Legal Documents

You must take a USD 20 TIMS permit as well as a USD 30 Langtang National Park permit to embark on your journey on the Langtang Valley trek. The TIMS permit helps in traveler data tracking during emergency conditions, whereas this will directly aid in the preservation of this area. Mount Glory Trek is a trustworthy and reputed travel agency that can handle all the necessary documents along with mandatory Government rules and regulations.


Initiating your Langtang trek with early breakfast at Kathmandu and starting the journey to Syabrubesi on the first day. After 6-7 hours of bus drive, we reach the trek starting point Syabrubesi. You need to take a trekking permit at the checkpoint for your entrance into the Langtang National Park. It will take approx. 2 hr to reach Syabrubesi from there with the iconic view of the Langtang and Jugal range. Upon arrival, check in to the lodge and spend your remaining day in tranquility.

  • Max. Altitude:2380m
  • Time:6-7 Hours Drive,80km
  • Accommodation:Tea House Accommodation
  • Meals:Lunch and Dinner

After having breakfast, the journey continues. After crossing the bridge, move your feet ahead of the straight path to reach Domen. Following a small river path, the uphill hike begins through the dense rhododendron and oak forest. Pause a while to see the bee hive at the cliff. Crossing Bamboo and Phare village, you will reach Ramche where the uphill hike ends. After taking right from there and leading the trail for approx. 30 min, you will reach Lama Hotel, where the second-day journey stops.

  • Max. Altitude:2500m
  • Time:5-6 Hours Walk
  • Accommodation:Tea House Accommodation
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Commencing the journey through an ancient jungle on the stone-paved way, you will see glimpses of Langtang Lirung between trees. Hiking about 2 hr and reaching to riverside, a small village with tea houses and lodges, continue your journey by passing a suspension plus a small wooden bridge where the steep uphill hike starts. Ending the uphill hike, immersing into the forest to attest to the Himalayas on both sides of the valley. After crossing temporary herder settlements where the herders bring their livestock to graze in the upper pastures during summer, the valley widens after reaching Ghode Tabela. Ascend gradually to reach Langtang Valley, where you will walk across the Langtang village crossing residuum of the old village which was demolished during the 2015 earthquake. After that, you will reach to new Langtang village and the third day of your trek ends there.

  • Max. Altitude:3430m
  • Time:6-7 Hours Walk
  • Accommodation:Tea House Accommodation
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

This will be your short and easy trail but due to the high elevation, you will feel some shortness of breath. After reaching the end of the hill, move across an extensive Mani wall to witness the view of the Himalayas in front.

Moving into the village of Mundu and Singdum, crossing the open land along the Langtang Khola, you will reach Kanjin Gompa. Take lunch there and spare your day by exploring the village, and visiting the monastery and old cheese factory.

If you want to move ahead approx. 2.5 hrs ahead, you will reach a small hydropower point, where the view of Langtang Lirung and the glaciers are extraordinary.


  • Max. Altitude:3870m
  • Time:6-7 Hours Walk
  • Accommodation:Tea House Accommodation
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

OPTION I- Kyanjin Ri Hike ( approx. 4.5 hrs/4773m)
Kyanjin Ri hike offers you a 360-degree panoramic view of the Langtang peaks. It is best to start early as clouds typically form later in the mid-day.

OPTION II- Tsergo Ri Hike (approx. 5 hrs/4995m)
If you love a bit extreme and are eager to view additional peaks like Tsergo Peak (5749m), Yala Peak (5500m), and Ghanna (5995m), then choose the Tsergo Ri hike. To embark on the hike, you need to start the hike before 5 am.

Once the hike is done, enjoy your lunch at the lodge with some rest and retrace your way back to Ramche.


  • Max. Altitude:4995m
  • Time:7-8 Hours Walk
  • Accommodation:Tea House Accommodation
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Leaving the previous trail, we start our journey by new route by post breakfast. Moving Ascending and Descending pathways crossing forests of pines and oaks, you will eventually lead to Kyanjin village.

From Kyanjin, the trail to Syabrubesi is a descending trail through a forest path. Once the downhill ends, cross a bridge and finally your destination of this day will come.


  • Time:6-7 Hours Walk
  • Accommodation:Tea House Accommodation
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Starting the journey by having breakfast, and moving back to Kathmandu via the same route will make you a little bit nostalgic. After reaching Kathmandu, our 7-day Langtang Trek will end and we will provide you a trek completion certificate. We will also organize a farewell dinner program in a cultural show restaurant with our company representative in Thamel. Mount Glory Treks will provide you with an airport drop-off service on your departure day.


Thank You!

  • Time:6-7 Hours Drive,80km
  • Meals:Breakfast ,Lunch And Farewell Dinner

NOTE: All information in this itinerary is accurate to the best of our knowledge, considering the current situation of the itinerary. But please note that the changes might occur at any time despite our best efforts to improve our program or due to logistical regions such as traffic jams, flight schedules, weather conditions, governmental policies, or any external reasons.  

If you are not satisfied with the above itinerary please you can customize it yourself and follow the below Customize Link.

B – Breakfast, L – Lunch, D – Dinner 

What's Included
  • All your standard Meals during the trek (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner).
  • Standard Guest House accommodation while trekking time on a twin-sharing basis.
  • Both-way transportation for Kathmandu-Syabrubesi-Kathmandu by Bus.
  • Well,  English-speaking Government License Holder and Experienced Trek leader/Guide.
  • Food, Accommodation, salary, insurance, and equipment are for all staff.
  • Langtang Conservation Area Permits and TIMS  for trekking.
  • All government, hotel, and other applicable taxes.
  • Farewell, dinner in a typical Nepali Restaurant with a cultural dance show.
  • Trip Completion Certificate.
  • Official expenses.
What's not Included
  • International Airfare and taxes.
  • Personal Travel Insurance.
  • Porter Service if you need Porter during Langtang Valley Trek.
  • Nepal Entry Visa Fee.
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
  • All items of personal expenses.
  • Tipping for a guide, porters, and drivers(tipping is expected).
  • Any other expense which is not mentioned in a price Includes' a section.


Note: Please bring 4 Passport size photos, a copy of your passport, and travel insurance at Our First Meeting In Our Office.

Dates & Availability

Select a Departure Month
Starts: ThursdayMay 30, 2024
Ends: WednesdayJun 05, 2024

Useful Information

Accommodation and Facilities

Decent and worthy accommodation facilities are available.

well-suited rooms( WiFi/good charging ports) in syabrubesi with attached bathrooms with a variety of dishes.

Accommodation in Rimche and Lama Hotel is average. Due to the location being in George, some connection issues will happen. The bathroom should be shared.

Despite the rural location of Langtang village and Kyanjin, you will get unexpected hotels. Attached are bathrooms with plenty of food options. Wifi and charging stations are also available, despite some additional costs.

Guide & Potters

It is requisite to hire a licensed and experienced trekking guide during the trek. Hiring a porter is according to your comfort.

Safety and Security

Generally, this trek is safe for travelers. The trail is fairly straightforward, so a rare chance of getting lost. The local people are so helpful as well as the guide and porter are on alongside which will be your another layer of security.

Extension trip to Gosaikunda Lake(Sacred Lake In Nepal Dedicated to Lord Shiva):

Embark on the Gosaikunda trek, a sacred and reputed trek leads you to the pristine and holy Gosaikunda Lake. Very religious for both Hindus and Buddhists, mainly dedicated to and worshiping Lord Shiva. The trek lasting 5-6 days lies under the moderate to hard category at the altitude of 4380m at Gosaikunda Lake and if you elevate higher at 5145 m you will reach another serene Surya peak. There are more than 100 lakes on the way. This journey ends in Dhunche, about an hour's drive before Syabrubesi, which will offer you proper cultural and natural exposure.

Travel Insurance Needed

To get rid of unforeseen emergencies and natural disasters, we highly recommend you have property travel insurance of over 4000 m in height. Sometimes due to High Altitude Sickness or even some other injuries also, emergency helicopter rescue should be needed, where your insurance will cover the medical loss. So trust a reliable trekking agency that will help you to manage rapid Heli rescue, Helpers, and medical coverage of your request.

Are There Chances Of Altitude Sickness, if Yes How to Avoid it?

Langtang Valley trek is listed as a moderate trek with a low risk of altitude sickness. Hiking for about 5-6 hours and gaining elevation might experience a common cold with some dizziness, which will be cured by basic first aid treatment. But if you are a tyro; especially when you reach 4900 m for the first time, then there might be some problems so we recommend every time to keep hydrating your body and making your mindset proper. Unlike Everest Base Camp and Manaslu Circuit Trek, Langtang Trek has minimal altitude-based problems due to the frequent availability of tea houses along the trail where you can rest and medicate if needed. We highly request that travelers stay away from any kind of smoking, or consuming alcohol during the high altitude region, which can cause health issues.

Langtang village after the massive earthquake in 2015

In 2015, a massive earthquake demolished the Langtang village with giant boulders and debris of glaciers burying it. This catastrophe took 243 lives and a memorial mani wall had been built to honor the victims near the reconstructed village.

Now, resettling slightly away, the community has remade new lodges for their income and survival. Despite the enduring pain, the community is so welcoming to their guests and hospitable with open arms.

They received the aid but the mismanagement bothered actual reach to the actual victims. So trek a purposeful journey to aid both your travel goals and the hard-wearing locals.

Let's trek to Langtang for a purpose!  

Where is Langtang Valley Located?

A small town called Syabrubesi which is approx. 115 km north of Kathmandu is the trailhead for the Langtang Valley trek. Langtang National Park extends east to west and the valley is well known for its beauty with the western side of it has been fertilized and nourished by the Bhotekoshi River. Moreover, Langtang Valley is also a getaway to Dhunche, connecting to the popular Kerung border to Tibet. There are several reputed spots including Himalayan villages like Kyanjin village, Lama Hotel, and so on which are distinguished among travelers.

In Conclusion

Langtang Valley Trek 7 Days Itinerary is a lifetime memory for adventure seekers. Our Itinerary can be customized on your request and time for the holiday. This wonderful journey to the Valley of Glaciers will provide you the utmost satisfaction of trekking in the Himalayan region and provide you the knowledge of the lifestyle, culture, tradition, and history of mountain people. There are also other interesting trekking destinations from this same route and you can extend your itinerary if you want to explore the other beautiful destinations. Tamang Heritage Trek, Helambu Trek, and  Gosaikunda Trek are famous holy lake Treks at an altitude of 4380m famous among the Hindu pilgrimage all around the world.

Langtang Valley Trek 7 Days FAQs

  • Our Nepali currency (NRs), which you can easily exchange from the Money Exchange Center in Kathmandu.

  • You can share your trekking journey every day with your loved ones due to the easily available of WiFi at lodges, and the normal mobile data networks although it depends on the weather conditions.


  • In the higher region, there are no money exchange centers, or ATM centers so it is recommended to carry some extra money along with you. Langtang region is famous for its variety of Yak Cheese, Antic Goods, and famous Buddhist Dress and utensils. So if you want to buy any goods, then you have to pay on your own.

  • No need to pay additional costs if you travel solo in this 7 Days Langtang Valley Trek. But trekkers must know some places in higher elevations no more hotels that's why you must share a room with other trekkers.

  • Obviously! You have several options to take a jeep/car drive with an additional cost of USD 280 for both ways. One jeep can take a maximum of 5 trekkers, one guide, and a driver.


  • Surely! We can extend the trip according to the interest and request of our guests. Additionally, we recommend other short treks, day sightseeing tours, national park safaris, visiting cultural heritage sites, UNESCO-listed heritage sites, etc. There are several options like short but nice treks including Mardi Himal Trek, Poon Hill trek, Ghandruk village tour, and adventure activities like Bunjee, Paraglide, Boating, etc.

  • No! But depending on the traveler’s request and budget plan we can arrange highly rated hotels in Kathmandu with reasonable cost.

  • According to your comfort zone, we can call the porter on. If you want to hire a porter, then you must pay an additional cost of USD 140 for 7 days. But, if the traveler is experienced, has good hiking skills, and can carry normal weight on their own then you don’t need a porter.


  • It is advisable to have good quality gear like comfort warm-down jacket, good hiking boots, socks, gloves, sunglasses, thermal gear, good cotton inner wears, hiking pants, a monkey cap, and a suns cream. Raincoat is mandatory while trekking in the Monsoon ( June to August).


  • Langtang Valley Trek is possible during monsoon season(June to August) but travelers must be careful during trekking days because this time in Nepal big rainy time that's why chances of Landslides and not proper mountain views. Mount Glory Treks does not recommend Monsson Season but possible to do hiking/trekking.

  • Yes, every place in Langtang Region possible to use wifi and hot showers but this is not included in our package. Travelers must pay additional costs depending on the elevation. The cost of a Hot Shower is USD 2-USD 4 and Wifi and charges USD 2-USD 4. We highly recommend buying a Nepali local SIM card (NCELL) with Data. Most of the Langtang Trekking Routes have good connection to Internet Data which saves you additional cost.

  • During Langtang Valley Trek we provide three meals per day which are Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. If trekkers need more food, water, beverages, and other items they must pay additional costs.

  • Yes! All our trekking guides and porters are fully insured. If unforeseen situation happens then the insurance aid for further process.


  • We have an Online Payment Gateway System where travelers can book their trek through our website where you see the "Reserve Now" button which is Instant Booking Confirmation. Travelers must pay 20% of Advance pre-booking the trip cost and the remaining amount we collect in Kathmandu during our first meeting in our office or hotel.

  • The highest point during 7 Days Langtang Valley Trek is Tserko Ri which is 4 985m/16 355ft high from sea level we hike there from Kyanjin Gompa and back to Ramche for an Overnight stay.

  • Yes, a Mount Glory Treks representative pick you up during your arrival and drop Off you during your departure time. Our representative will drop off you where you stay in Kathmandu Nepal.

  • We highly recommend carrying necessary goods, Instruments, and clothes during the 7 Days Langtang Trek. In this, our trip section does not include a porter that's why you must carry your belonging and the remaining Luggage you store where you stay or if you have a problem we store your luggage in our company office.

  • During Langtang Valley Trek we stay in normal tea house accommodation. In the lower elevation of Langtang, we can find out Tea house with an attached bathroom full of matters and Blankets but while going upper side not possible to get an attached Bathroom but we can find very clean and well-managed rooms. Our experienced trekking Guide arranges all the necessary arrangements.

  • Yes In the Langtang Region, we can find out different opportunities if you want to do more days.7 Days is enough for Langtang Trek but if you want to extend there possible to do more days in Tamanag Heritage Route or Gosaikunda Lake Trail Or Helambu Trek.For More Info you can contact direct to our Operation Team.

  • Obviously! If you are a novice and don’t have experience in high elevation then Langtang Valley Trek will be the perfect trekking experience for you.


  • Yes, every part of the Trekking Region in Nepal is not allowed without a permit to do hiking/trekking. While doing the Langtang Valley Trek trekkers must have a Langtang National Park Permit and TIMS(Trekkers Information Management System) but trekkers are not worried about every required document and permit if you book through Mount Glory Treks we arrange every required document and Permits(Which all included in our package program). If travelers have all the required documents it is very easy if they have any unforeseen conditions during trekking the Government Of Nepal helps further plan during difficulty.

  • Yes, We have a fixed departure section on our website where we open the departure date if travelers want to join with others please go to our departure section and book this 7 Days Langtang Valley Trek in Nepal.

    We also organize private treks for solo, Double, and group trekkers.

  • No doubt! Trekking in the Langtang region is very safe for females as well as all age groups and genders from all around the world. If a female traveler wants to hike with a female guide, then it is also possible, but you have to inform us earlier because we don’t have too many female guides.


  • The new rules of the Nepal Government are every trekking region in Nepal without guides/porters is not allowed to go and does not get a trekking permit. If you want to go hiking Langtang Valley Trek also requires a Langtang National Park Permit and Tims which were provided with the help of a registered trekking company in Nepal. If anyone wants to do this 7-day hike to Langtang Valley Mount Glory Treks is the perfect option for hiking in Langtang.

  • We very much expect the feedback from you about our service which will help us to improve more better. We suggest writing a few lines about your trek experience on our Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, or a few other platforms that are available for you.


  • Tipping is not mandatory but tipping culture is spreading all over the world which is also a nice gesture to the people who helped wholeheartedly during your journey.  If you ask about tipping Mount Glory Treks recommends a minimum of 10% of your trekking cost but this is not compulsory for travelers you pay depending on the trek satisfaction and group sizes

  • Yes During Langtang Valley Trek possible to take a Hot shower but not included in our trip package. Travelers must pay directly to the hotel where they stay. The cost of Hot showers is Around USD 2-USD 4 depending on the elevation. In higher elevations very difficult to arrange hot showers, they arrange gas containers which are carried by the local People or muels which is why the charge for the Shower little bit higher compared with elevations.

    In terms of Electricity we can find it in the Langtang Region almost places Solar Power but in some places, we can find local Hydropower. If trekkers want to charge Mobile, Cameras, and other accessories they must pay the additional cost of around USD 2-USD 3 Per Items. Mount Glory Treks suggests every traveler carry a normal Power bank or Solar Portable charge box which saves your amount in the higher elevation higher additional cost.

    In terms of Wifi also run by local electricity that's why we must pay the cost of Wifi/Internet if we use it. The cost of Wi-Fi is USD 2-USD 3. We suggest travelers buy local SIM Cards (NCELL) with Data which helps to save money during hiking. Almost all places are able to use normal Mobile data which saves you additional cost in higher elevation trekking in Langtang Valley.


Clients Reviews

  • rating starTrekking To Lantang Valley

    Trekking to Langtang Valley was wonderful and the destination is beautiful and wonderful as well. The team at Mount Glory is super helpful with every problem and they always take super care of us! I will definitely book again with them!



    John SerfaikMalaysia,May 04, 2022
  • rating starWell Managed Service

    We did 7 Days Langtang Valley Trek With Mount Glory Treks. Well Managed by the all team and the cost of this trek was also not very expensive. We really enjoyed the whole trek and the last day Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour. Perfect weather and stunning mountain view of the mountain range.

    Highly Recommended!!!

    Harry FordGermany,March 14, 2022
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