Best Trekking Seasons

Though we can find the drastic and dramatic changes in elevation of the topography alongside variations in the season whole year around, we can enjoy the trekking and organize the adventures at any time of the year autumn which falls in the months September to November. The weather is excellent and pleasant and the scenarios of mountains and the breathtaking curves and edges of far away scenes can be explored clearly. The weather being a bit cold and occasional snowfalls at higher elevations makes the trip fun and sometimes quite difficult too when it's heavy. And the problems can be minimized if the trip is prepared beforehand and emergency situations prepared.

And spring season which falls on the months of March to May is considered for the best season for trekking. We can find a lot of different varieties of plants and flowers blooming up and spreading their pleasant scents with the melodious sounds of birds with its own beauty. It is also a best time for mountain climbing and expeditions.

The climatic condition is warm and wet in the monsoon season which starts in mid - June and mid September though rain clouds and haze overhanging mountains may disturb the view to be seen at its best scene. But the scenes after rains washing up and clearing up the environment and bringing freshness are also fresh experiences.

Even if the climate and weather is unfavorable at some part of the country, the other part will be exciting and inspiring for visiting as we got mountain ranges and peaks with cold climate and high elevations in the northern part, moderate climates and elevations in the mid range i.e hilly region and warm in the low lands in terai. Every part of the country is enriched with different sources and places for new adventures and breathtaking scenes. So in overall, Nepal is fit for trekking and exploring whole year around. You can select the environment and time according to the seasons and adventures you love. 

Enjoy Visiting Nepal!