Is Nepal Safe To Travel

All the visitors who have clicked on this blog post to acquire knowledge about Nepal and have done a small effort to click on this section of safety knowledge, you have done a great job thinking about your own safety here.

Yes! Nepal is safe for tourists to visit here, explore the beautiful and mind-blowing scenarios, diversified flora and fauna, all the unique and ancient cultures and traditions of various types and ethnic groups of people of the country, and breathtaking and never-before experiences from different types of adventures.

And it is also true that around 10-15 years ago it was a bit difficult to freely roam around here and explore Nepal due to some revolutionary actions for their own purposes in the country. Now the situation, circumstances, its scenarios have changed along with time and improvement, Nepal is on its pace towards development along with political stability, and the application of law enforcement equally to everyone.

While getting forward on the steps of development of basic infrastructures in Nepal, the Tourism sector which contributes about 3% of the national GDP, the government also focuses on its factors for safety, easier accommodations, and benefits and prosperity. Different packages and norms are also introduced for upgrading these sectors which is obviously a positive support for the visitor's safety as well.

We assure the safety of yourself, your family, your belongings, and your riches with beautiful memories and moments while visiting Nepal and we know you too will cooperate, be friendly with people and places, and don’t get involved yourself in harmful, unhealthy and illegal activities during your stay in Nepal.

So, everyone can freely explore, enjoy and get new experiences and adventures with never-ending rivers and fun, prettiest and breathtaking scenarios, body-tiring but soul-awakening hikes and treks, uniquely beautiful cultures and traditions, ancient but fresh and clear Architects and crafts, and many more in Nepal. All you got to do is 'Be yourself here in Nepal and feel everything.