Meet the Team


  • Santosh Pandey
    Founder/Managing Director

    Santosh Pandey

    Santosh Pandey is the Founder And Managing Director of Nepal's Leading Travel Company Mount Glory Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Born and raised in the Mountainous village of Gorkha(Manaslu Region)  Nepal. Mr. Pandey is a successful entrepreneur and a very active social worker who contributes a lot to the welfare of society. Mr., Pandey belongs to a very humble background and has started his career as a junior staff in a much-reputed company in Nepal. Mr. Pandey's family background is engaged in the tourism sector for a long period of time. After spending many years in research and drawbacks of tourism development Mr. Pandey established his own company in 2017 in his early twenties. He completed his master's degree in Physical Science From a reputed University in Kathmandu Nepal.

    Due to his great passion and enthusiasm for the trekking and tourism sector, he started his own new company with many expert teams. His intention is to bring revolution to the tourism sector by offering luxurious services and accommodations to travelers at a minimum price. With the Motto of Travellers, satisfaction is my passion. He has been helping many travelers with traveling. He is a leading businessman and Social worker who has been actively involved in youth politics and youth Management programs for a very long time. He has traveled to many trekking and tour places in Nepal and collected much information related to trekking and traveling. He has also provided feedback and thanks to the development of Tourism.


  • Saroj Pandey
    Operation Director

    Saroj Pandey

    Born in the mountain village of the Manasalu Region of Gorkha Saroj Pandey is a leading travel expert in Nepal. Due to his enthusiasm for travel and trekking he wants to serve in Nepalese travel and tour for betterment. Mr. Pandey went from Japan to study for 4/5 years and return to Nepal and again started his career in travel and trekking. He is an expert in Japanese culture, language, and tradition. He is also a very polite, humble, and hard-working fellow. He always believes that only hard work and great passion make an individual a great human being. He always tries to respect and honor guests. He has completed his Batchelor's degree from a Japanese reputed University.

  • Asmita Bhatta
    Finance Director

    Asmita Bhatta

    Asmita Bhatta is a resident of Raniban Kathmandu who has long experience in accountancy and tourism management in the much-reputed trekking organization of Nepal. She has completed her Batchelor's degree in Management from Tribhuvan University. She is a polite, honest and hard-working member of our company. Her dedication and hard work have brought much fragrance to our organization. Many visitors have given the best review of her service and hospitality. She has an interest in talking with new people from different countries and making new friends. She has helped to uplift our company from the very beginning.

  • Lochan Banjara
    Business development Manager

    Lochan Banjara

    Lochan Banjara is a permanent resident of Samakhushi Kathmandu who has a great desire and interest in tourism. He is an honest, hardworking, and polite individual with knowledge of tourism development and the environment, culture, history, and tradition of Nepal. He is also an expert tour guide and also certified by the Department of tourism and hotel management of Nepal. He is also a certified person by the Ministry of Tourism. He has visited many travel destinations in Nepal and many travelers are satisfied by his service. He has also a very good review of his customers. He has had a great role in the development of our tourism business from the very beginning of our company. He has completed his master's degree in travel, tourism, and hospitality from the reputed University of Nepal.

  • Sandip Pandey
    Sales And Manager

    Sandip Pandey

    He is a reputed tour planner of our organization from the very beginning. He has worked in the much-reputed organization for several years and he worked in the tourism field. He is a very good human being with great passion and honesty. He has a very good reputation as a traveler. He has traveled many trekking destinations of Nepal very closely. He has got a very excellent review from our beloved travelers as well. He has completed Batchelor's Degree in Management from the reputed university of Nepal.


  • Manoj Thapa
    Tour Guide

    Manoj Thapa


  • Bikash Poudel
    Senior Trekking Guide

    Bikash Poudel

  • Amrit Pandey
    Senior Trekking Guide

    Amrit Pandey

  • Subash Thapa
    Trekking Guide

    Subash Thapa

  • Lochan Banjara
    Trekking Guide

    Lochan Banjara