Why Travel with Us

Expert Team

Mount Glory is run by an experienced management team who are certified by the Department of the Tourism Board and all trekking-related authorities. These teams are long-experienced and friendly. This group of people who guide you through the entire mountain journey is genuine, full of passion, and enthusiastic about your interest. You can trust our team to be your company in every part of Nepal and in the high Himalayas. We employ highly professional and trained experts who will not just guide you but also introduce you to the local culture, history, and people. Our team is fully aware of emergencies and risks that may accrue during the trek so, we have the precautions and safety majors with us throughout the trek. Also, our team has been one hundred percent committed to customer safety.

Customized And Tailor Made Trip

Mount Glory team strives to develop every itinerary to your desire. Your personalized tour of the Himalayas will be created according to your needs and your plan. We are aware of your engagement in planning and arranging a private trip. We can package our tour together at the most competitive rate in the market. We can provide you with individual quotes on your itinerary requirement, time, budget, and group size. Your departure date can be changed according to your request. These kinds of departures are suitable for couples, families, and private trips.

Customer Saftey And Satisfaction

We are committed to your satisfaction throughout the entire journey. Our Team is aware of customer needs and their mentality of the type of trip they choose and the facility we should provide during the travel time. We are ready to provide any rescue operation upon your insurance and request the up the mountain. Helicopters and doctors are made available at any place in the mountain if you feel altitude sickness, difficulty, or any other health issue.

24 Hours Service

From the very beginning of our journey, our team is committed to providing you with the all-time facilities during your tour. We are aware of your timing and the experience and entertainment that you can get during your tour in the Himalayas. During your trip, if you feel uneasy at night or day you can contact our guide leading you to the mountain. You can also drop your message or call us in every contact we have provided.

Discount And Offer

We have always planned to bring more customers with a budget package. The more group you have the cheaper the price is offered. The single traveler will have lots of fun working with Mount Glory. Comparatively single travelers will have a single guide and porter to guide them throughout the journey which creates a good bond. Also, he will have more time to talk with the guide. Also, group travelers will have more guides and helpers depending on your request. We offer a special discount during Festivals time.