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Ultimate Guide For Mardi Himal Trek

Monday, 12 April 2021

Ultimate Guide For Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is a famous trek which is a new destination but unique and trekkers collect lifetime memory of this amazing trek. Mardi Himal can be reached in two days from Pokhara. Mardi Trek is a beautiful destination for those who love to touch the mountains.

When the Mardi base camp reaches an altitude of 4,500 meters, Machhapuchhre can be seen up close. What would a dive fishtail look like? The fishtail looks golden as if it has just bathed in a golden pond. A new morning rises from the east. The tired passenger's face lit up. The joy of kissing heights is not diminished.

The voice comes out automatically, 'Babal Himal!' The bright face of the traveler who came from the corner of the earth with a stick makes the mountain more beautiful Although the trek is masculine, it looks like a fishtail. Himachal, South Annapurna, Annapurna Pratham, and other mountains can be seen. Mardi gets lost in the foothills of these big mountains, but people have to walk to Mardi Himal.

Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek is being branded by the name of a small mountain in the shadow of a branded fishtail. Even the little ones have their own name and height. There are its own beauty and discussion. Even though the height of Mardi is only 5587 meters, it is difficult to climb.

Ordinary passengers return from the base camp of Mardi at 4,500 meters. Only a few passengers make the final journey to kiss the heights. The siding route is the shortest for men. You can return from Pokhara by kissing 4500 meters in two days. If you walk from Pokhara in a small jeep in the morning, you can reach Siding in two hours and thirty minutes.

After ascending from Siding, you come to a beautiful hilly path of dense forest, where you are mesmerized by the melodious music of birds and wind. Within four hours of walking from Siding, Mardi reached low camp 2985 meters.

From the high camp, Machhapuchhre South Annapurna catches the eye. You can hear the mountain wind blowing with the mountains. In the morning, the mountain that was sunk in the golden lake is again darkened by drowning in the golden lake. Heartbreakers do not want to blink their eyes. Photographers get caught up in gadgets. The mountains of gold are immediately shared with relatives and friends. Nepal's golden mountain immediately spreads to the corners of the world.

The locals have a story of Mardi being famous. Around 1956, a Swiss citizen traveled to Mardi. Took photos and preached. He convinced people that it is beautiful. Then people started walking in Mardi. Camping started from 1980 onwards. It is now known as 'Mardi Trek'. People from all over the world meet here.

It takes only three hours to reach the base camp from the high camp. At around 3 in the morning, the passengers go to the mountains. People can reach the base camp and return before the wind blows and the wind blows. It is no less a matter of pleasure to step on the heights by deceiving the mountain winds. Our team has been organizing this tour from the very beginning as it is popular among trekkers.

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