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Tihar is another big festival like Dashain. It is a five-day-long festival celebrated in mid-November. Tihar is a beautiful time as it offers the best season with a good environment all around. The Goddess of death Yama is honored and Laxmi the goddess of wealth is worshiped during Tihar or Dipawali. Different animals and birds are worshipped on the different days of this great festival. Children's and young people gathered and played Deusi Bhailo.


Following Different Days are Celebrated Tihar festival:

  • First Day: Kaag (Crow) Tihar
  • Second Day: Kukur (Dog) Tihar
  • Third-Day: Laxmi Puja / Gaai (Cow) Puja
  • Fourth Day: Goru (Ox) Puja
  • Bhai Tika

First Day: Kaag (Crow) Tihar

The first day of Tihar is Kaag(Crow) Tihar, On this day crow is worshipped as it is believed that the crow is the messenger of information of the god Yama. Tasty fruits and vegetables are offered to crow on this day.

Second Day: Kukur (Dog) Tihar

The second day of Tihar is also known as Kukur Tihar as there is a myth about ancient religion that a dog is an agent of Yama and it is fed with tasty food and Garland is put on Dog neck.

Third-Day: Laxmi Puja / Gaai (Cow) Puja

It is a beautiful day of Tihar as many Hindu people worship the national animal Cow which is also believed to be a resemblance of goddess Laxmi. People fed cows tasty foods and put flowers, and Tika to cows and they light the whole house with many lights and make the environment beautiful. They also put their all property like Jewelleries, Money, Offices, and important documents together to worship.

Fourth Day: Goru (Ox) Puja

On this day people worship ox or bull as an Agent of Great Shiva. Bull is believed to be the caretaker of Shiva Ji. Newar in the valleys worships themself as Maha Puja. They also light their homes with candles and electric lights on the day of Goru Tihar.

Bhai Tika:

On this day many brothers and sisters gathered together to celebrate Bhai Tika. The sisters put rainbow color holy tika and garland as a blessing to live a long, healthy, and happy life and they enjoy the day sharing their life story and beautiful moment. They share the gift and other help with each other.


In Summary,

In this way, the first day of the beautiful Tihar Festival ends and is celebrated. This is a beautiful season for traveling and visiting new places as this time offer excellent environmental condition and the best view of trekking In Nepal.

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