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Himalayan Country Nepal is located in between two giant countries India in the south, east and west and China in the North. Nepal is a multi-lingual, multi-traditional, multi-ethnical and multi-religious country. Nepal is popular for World's tallest mountain and jaw-opening scenery and views on the way to Everest Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Langtang Valley Trek etc. There are many tourist destinations in Nepal some of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and some of them are famous religious and historical places for Visitors. The most beautiful and most important ceremony of life is Marriage and it is done differently by different ethnical groups and different religious and regional groups.


The marriage System In Nepal is a most entertaining and memorable life event and so, it is performed as a special event for family and friends. There are different types of, marriage in Nepal. It varies from place to place and different ethnic groups.


Arrange Marriage:

Arranged marriage is also called "Maghi Bibaha" in which parents of both girls family and boys family make necessary arrangements for marriage. It is practised by most of the people in Nepal. Bride And Groom get to know each other through a middleman called Lami and finally schedule their marriage time. They put traditional clothes like Daura Suruwal and Dhaka topi by Groom and go to the Bride's home with friends and families which are also called "janti" and the Groom put Burmala(Special Garlend made by Dubo) and Sindhur to Bride and Bride wear beautiful Ghumto, Sari and Jewellers and put Barmala To the Groom. There will be some rituals to be performed in "Jagga". After some hours of rituals by a priest, the Groom takes the Bride to his home.


Love Marriage:

It is a famous marriage type all over the world. Both Bride and Groom fall in love with each other and get to know each other better and finally get Married like Temple or Jagga. They share the beautiful moment with each other like in Europe and Western culture for the rest of their life.


Court Marriage:

Some couples find happiness with each other and get married legally in court and get their marriage certificate legally. It is practised for a few years in Nepal but is popular in the West.


Elopement Marriage:

It is a unique type of marriage practised by Mongolian and other ethnic group in Nepal. Both boy and Girl fall in love and if their parents don't accept their relationship they elope to new cities and areas and get married. This is also a kind of love marriage and low-budget married.


Polygamy Marriage:

It is a system of having two or more wives in traditional times but this system is illegal and not practised nowadays. However, few people still marry more wives and live happily. Though, the government finds this culture illegal.


Polyandry Marriage:

It is a system of having one wife of many brothers in which they share the wife in North East Nepal and also by Tibetian. It is practised in the remote district of Humla, Dolpo and Mustang. But this system is slowly vanishing due to advancements in technology and awareness among people.


Dowry System In Nepal:

It is a system of giving a huge amount of cash, jewellery, and luxurious items like cars, bikes, homes, or land to the Groom by the Bride's family. As the Bride have to live and spent all her life in Groom's home after marriage they set a system of giving Dowry to the Groom. But due to different advancements in Knowledge and change in attitude dowry system is decreasing day by day.


Divorce In Nepal:

Like other places in the world, Divorce is also practised in Nepal. Due to misunderstandings and other problems people choose to live separate life or live with other men or women, there is a system of Divorce practised legally. This system is similar to Western culture. If a married couple feels like they should be separated or they are unable to live together any more they feel documents in a court and they are separated legally.

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