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Dashain Festival In Nepal 2023:Hindu's Biggest Festival

Dashain is a Hindu's Biggest Festival that falls in the month of September/October which is the longest festival celebrated by all Hindus in the World of Nepali origin. It is 10 days long festival which is often known as Bijaya Dashami. Different goddesses are worshipped during Dashain.

Dashain Festival is a National festival of Nepal so, every ethnic group and cultural group celebrates this beautiful festival with great joy, happiness, and freedom. It's like a Christmas, New Year, or Hallo oven celebrated in the West. This festival is a holy time to celebrate and worship goddess Durga as or victory over Demon Mahisasur which signifies the victory of good over evil. The fourth-night-long festival starts from Ghatasthapana to Purnima.

Dashain Festival In Nepal is a great occasion of enthusiasm and joy for every Hindu people around the world of Nepali origin. Every governmental and private institution offer public holiday. Schools, Colleges, Offices, and universities remain closed. The government provides governmental holidays during this time. This beautiful 15 days long festival in the middle spring season is celebrated as the victory of Justice, over Injustatic truth over truth and Virtue over Vice.

Table of Contents

Following Different Days are Celebrated Differently In 15 Days Long festival:

Table Of Contents:

  • Ghatasthapana
  • Fulpati
  • Maha Ashtami
  • Maha Navami
  • Bijaya Dashami
  • Kojagrat Purnima


Ghatsaphana is the First day of this beautiful festival which starts on new moon day. In Ghatasthapana we start a day by taking a holy bath in a sacred pond and putting the holy water as a symbol of God. We also plant Jamara which is a holy plant. Barley and Maize are planted in small vessels and kept in a dark room that avoids direct light. After regularly watering and carrying these barley and maize seeds small seeds will start to grow into yellow-colored saplings called Jamara.In this way, the first day of the great Dashain Festival is started by planting Jamara and worshiping in goddess Durga.


It is the seventh day of the great festival where the place for gods and goddesses are worshipped. It also signifies the health, wealth, and prosperity of the family. It also welcomes the goddess that represents goddess Durga. Bramins carries Jamara, Banana Stacks, Sugar Cane, etc From Gorkha to Kathmandu on this day.

Maha Ashtami:

The Eighth Day of Navaratri is called Maha Ashtami. It is a great day in which many Nepalese people sacrifices animals like goats, hens, buffalo, duck, etc. to goddess Kali. It means they enjoy the meat of animals as Prasad which is sacred food.

Maha Navami:

The ninth day of Bijaya Dashami is Maha Navami. People from the valley worship god today. On this day they offer animals around Human Dhoka Palace and worship the vehicles and other creations. The night of this day is also known as Kal Ratri or black night as the whole area around the ancient and historical Basantapur Palace remains open when they sacrifice many goats and buffaloes. They also prayed and honored Durga Mata the whole day.

Bijaya Dashami:

The most important day of the Dashain festival is the Bijaya Dashami. On this day people all over Nepal go to their ancestor's homes to put Tika. Especially the elder people put tika and blessing to younger ones. They also put the holy sapling (Jamara) cultivated on the first day of Dashain today. They enjoy the best food and the best time. Play games and visit different relatives' homes.

Kojagrat Purnima:

It is the final day of the great Dashain Festival and the festival officially finishes on this Fifteenth Day. The full moon day is celebrated with great joy, entertainment, and happiness. The culture of putting Tika and Jamara last up today fifteen of Dashain. Most of the decoration of the house and surroundings is done during this time.


In Summary:

Children fly kites and adults play cards during this festival time. As it is the best trekking season in Nepal. Due to clear weather and beautiful seasons, people like to visit different places, and this is the best season for visitors all over the world. It is a big time for Trekking In Nepal like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, and Langtang Valley Trek, etc. as it offers the best view of mighty mountains peaks and other surroundings Himalaya due to the atmosphere and weather of this time.
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