Why We Should Do Mardi Himal Trek

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  • Last Updated on Sep 1, 2023

Why Should We Do Mardi Himal Trek

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Mardi Himal Trek is a newly opened trekking route in the Annapurna Region in 2012. This trek provides an experience to people who want to explore less-visited parts of the country. These newly opened trekking routes are referred to those visitors who want to explore the least visited parts of the country. This trek does not receive many visitors, unlike other treks. So, this trekking experience around the periphery of the mighty Mardi Himal provides you excitement with unadulterated natural beauty, people's lifestyle, Ethics, and culture. If you are looking for calm trekking routes without other tourists' encounters then this trek is highly recommended for you.

The Offbeat path in Mardi Himal Base Camp trails is quieter and more peaceful, unlike any other trekking trails. It is the least visited trekking peak which leads the trekker to the Base Camp of Mardi Himal. The way passes finally to high camp, the solitary trails complete with Verden forest, interesting village, valleys, terraced farms, dazzling rivers, and extraordinary views of Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Hiuchuli. This trail is a comparatively shorter circuit so we don't have to backtrack on the same route. The Mardi Himal trek is short and exciting in the Annapurna Region where we stay in Tea House(Lodges), try local foods, and experience excellent hills, mountain landscapes, and panoramic views of the massive Himalayas.

The best time for Mardi Himal Trek is in the month of spring and Autumn as this season is blessed with the bloom of newly budded flowers and the color of fall. During spring and autumn, there are very few chances of rain and the views of the mountain are clear. Gurung and Magar village on the trail becomes lively with locals and the landscape becomes vibrant with contrasting colors of nature.

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