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Why Should We Do Manaslu Circuit Trek-Ultimate Guide For Manaslu Crcuit Trek

Friday, 09 April 2021

Why Should We Do Manaslu Circuit Trek-Ultimate Guide For Manaslu Crcuit Trek

Why Should We Do Manasalu Circuit Trek?
Manaslu Circuit Trek is adventurous and beautiful that offers you spectacular views of Mount Manaslu(8163m) which is the eighth highest mountain in the world. This trek is getting more popular every year because it offers visitors sensational mountain vistas with fascinating culture and biological diversities. It has a unique environment and unique culture and cultural heritage incomparable Himalayan beauty which makes this trek one of the best trekking destinations in the world. The following reasons are why one should do the Manasalu circuit trek in life.
Manaslu Conservation Area:
This area is protected by the government as a sanctuary that is home to thousands of Himalayan birds and wildlife. The conservation champion of this reason is important as thousands of flora and fauna are extinct from the Himalayas. So, trekking in this trail offers you to encounter amazing nature and its animals and birds while the rich culture, ethnicity, and lifestyle of people are more fascinating. MCAP-Manasalu Conservation Area project is protecting many species of rare plants and flowers for trekkers to visit.

Pictures depicting the sampling area. A. Manaslu Conservation Area, B.... |  Download Scientific Diagram
High Altitude Fresh Water Lake(Birendra Tal):
This region is famous for a freshwater lake above 3500m where the alpine migratory duck is found. This duck is rare species in the world. During the journey Phunkar lake and Birendra Tal make our trip memorizing.Birendra Tal is name after late King Birendra Shah.

Birendra Tal

Lower Budget:
Comparatively this trek can be completed on a lower budget. This trek is a favorite for adventure junkies all over the world because the cost of food and accommodation in the Manasalu Region is less expensive. However, as you ascend higher and higher the facilities will decrease. The cost is relatively cheaper than other trekking routes. We recommend you to do this less expensive trek once in the lifetime.
Peaceful Trails:
This Manaslu trek is relatively peaceful as you have very few chances to encounter other trekkers. Some people preferred peaceful trek so the Manasalu Circuit trek is one of the best options for trekkers who generally prefer quiet and peaceful trek. The month of October is considered the busiest month for trekking because this trail is filled with many trekkers. This trail stands out of other off-beaten trails and famous for its unique trail.

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Culture And Lifestyle:

Manaslu Circuit Trek leads you to the Base Camp of Manaslu which offers you a hidden valley, lifestyle, original culture of Tamang and limbus which is influenced by the Tibetian lifestyle. Every trekking package did provide you the chance to engulfed with the aroma of isolated foothills and traditional villages. Buddhism is a major religion in the high mountain while other the religion is also practiced. The major income of the people of the mountain is farming. Due to growing tourism and lodging and flooding the lifestyle of some youths are changing. They are directly involved with the tourism business. They celebrate different festivals like Tibetian culture.

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