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Vikram Samvat is a famous calendar in Nepal and for Hindus. According to Hindu pratipada, the last night of Chaitra and the first day of baishak begins a new era. It is also called Nepali New Year. It was started by Vikramaditya, hence it is also called Vikram Samvat.



In Saka Samvat and Vikram Samvat, the reason behind the official adoption of the intergalactic era is given that its description has been seen in ancient writings, and rock articles. Apart from this, this Samvat started after Vikram Samvat. It is 78 years behind the English calendar. It is 78 years behind the English calendar, 2020 - 78 = 1942 thus 1942 Saka Samvat is going on right now.


This is how the Vikram era started

It is said that King Vikramaditya started it. The greatest astronomer of his time was Varahamihira. With whose help, this Samvat helped spread. It is 57 years ahead of the English calendar, 2020 + 57 = 2077 BS Vikram Samvat is going.


What is the Gregorian calendar?

As such, the new year means the first of January. According to the Gregorian calendar, January is the first month of the year and January 1 in almost all countries of the world, According to the Islamic calendar, the New Year begins in January or February in all calendars except Hijri Samvat. There are many calendars prevalent in NEPAL in which Vikram Samvat BS and A.D are prominent.

There are only two bases of time calculation in the whole world - the solar cycle and the lunar cycle. According to the solar cycle, the Earth takes 365 days and about six hours to make one revolution of the Sun. Calculated in this way, the calendar based on the solar year has 365 days in a year, while calendars based on the lunar year have 354 days in a year.

In Nepal, there is a public holiday and a different celebration on New Year's Day. It is also the end of the summer season for two months – Chaitra and Baisakh (mid-March to mid-May). As the new year starts, new buds start to grow in trees and flowers bloom in this season. The temperature is moderate. This season is a windy season.

One of the most attractive aspects of the season is the blooming of Laliguras, the National Flower of Nepal. It is also the best season for trekking and hiking. Team Mount Glory wants to wish a very happy New Year 2080 to all our visitors and valuable guests.

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