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What is the Meaning of Trekking?

Trekking is an adventurous activity of walking for more than one day on foot. It is a multi-day hike away from home and close to nature for several days. Trekking is mostly famous in mountain regions of Nepal, India, North America, South America, and East African highlands. Trekking Especially means hiking a long-distance, trail, and often called Thru-Hiking in Some parts of the World.

Why People Choose Trekking?

Even Though is a multi-day activity away from home and sometimes there may not be enough space for a luxury stay and delicious food, people choose trekking rather than hiking for one day because trekking has been a commitment, aim, desire, wish, holiday plan for people across the world from past few decades. It is not only escaping the home or family and the surroundings that you visit every morning or evening but trekking is the outside adventurous activities where you can feel the nature, flowers, mountains, stones, rocks, wildlife, flora, fauna, etc like never before. At the end of the day you will stay either in the teahouse, tent, homestay, or hotel you will memorize the whole day's walk and witness the day in your bed but if you return back to your home or to your bed you will not find it as fascinating as it could be.

How is Trekking Different from Hiking?

Hiking generally means going on a short tour in one day. You generally start hiking from your home or you take your vehicle to the start of hiking and after the 3,4-hour walk, you return back to your home or hotel, and the hiking ends. whereas trekking is a multi-day adventurous walking activity on foot where you will not return to your home or hotel on the same day. During trekking, you will have to pack the belongings that you mostly use like a Phone, camera, charger, toothbrush, tooth pest, towel, changing clothes, sleeping bags, and other necessities with you in your backpacks and start more than 2 days stay outside your normal staying area and sometime in the middle of woods. So, trekking is different from hiking as you witness different atmospheres, altitudes, nature, flora, fauna, nature, mountains, and environments on different days in hiking you go through the same allowed path and return back.

What is the similarity between Trekking and Hiking?

In both trekking and hiking, you will need to be prepared about the trail, wildlife, nature, and walking area through your allocated time. You need good walking experience and good physic in both trekking and hiking because, in both trekking and hiking, you will be with your group or solo but as you are seeking the adventure and going outside through the woods, Off the beaten path or trails you need to be physically active and keep moving because at the end of the day, you must return safely to your hotels or home collecting the memories.

Trekking In Nepal 

Trekking in Nepal has been the most popular adventurous activity for the past 40 years. Nepal is a mountaineers country and many exciting places are not linked by road so, trekking for several days and staying in the tea houses and gradually reaching the base of the mountain, mountain tops, passes, between two hills, Viewpoints, etc have been popular among the travelers all around the World.

There are different types of Trekking In Nepal. Among them, Tea House Trekking and Camping trekking are most popular in Nepal. Going for a long walk for several days and staying in the tea houses is more common nowadays as there are many tea houses on trekking trails in Nepal. Where you will get food, water, and a luxurious bed at a minimum cost. Similarly, the Camping trek was famous among trekkers where porters will carry your backpacks, tents, food, fire, mattress, and other necessary belongings.

Why Should I Choose Trekking In Nepal?

Nepal is a multi-cultural, Multi-Lingual, multi-religious Himalayas Country that Lies between two giant countries Indian And China. Trekkers will see the Vast or diverse cultural, religious, traditional, and lingual differences in the trek. They will also see the difference in nature at different elevations. So, trekking in Nepal is the most popular and highly recommended adventurous activity. During the trek, you will find the cultural understanding between people of different cultures. Trekking is important for improving your physical fitness and reducing stress. Apart from social benefits, you will develop social interaction skills. You will not only encounter nature and wildlife, Flora and Fauna but trekking is the alternative way to heal yourself with nature and provide satisfaction to your body, mind, and soul. So, trekking has been one of the most common ways of livelihood among Nepalese and a major reason that foreigners choose Nepal.

Trekking Region in Nepal

There are many trekking regions in Nepal which are regular trekking trails region and Off the Beaten Path Region. In regular trekking regions, you will find the stair steps, tea houses, and travelers on the way as Off the Beaten Path is the Unusual route with less or no crowd. Sometimes you have to stay in a tent as there may not be sufficient tea houses. Everest Region, Annapurna Region, and Langtang region are the most popular and Common Trekking Regions with lots of travelers as the Manaslu region, Mustang region, and Dolpo region are the Off Beaten trails(Restricted Area Trekking).

Most Popular Trekking Routes In Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek:

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the world-famous trekking trails that takes you to the highest peak Mount Everest 8848m and Its Base Camp 5364m. Trekkers will land at World's highest Airport Lukla and have breakfast at World's Highest Hotel Everest View Hotel and View the Jaw Dropping scenery of Mount Everest and Its Periferi from Kalapathhar.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

It is the World’s 10th highest mountain and a very famous trekking trail that gives you a lifetime memory of trekking as you can witness majestic Annapurna, Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri, etc and you will go through the tourism hub Pokhara City.

Manaslu Circuit Trek:

If the trekkers are looking for Off the Beaten trekking trail in Nepal and adventurous activities we recommend Manaslu Trekking trails which is one of the 8th highest peak and Surrounding mountains. This challenging trek will take you to the Larke La Pass and through the bank of the Budi Gandaki River.

Cost of Trekking in Nepal

The cost of Trekking in Nepal varies with the duration, luxury, and types of trek. It also depends on the Remoteness and availability of Foods and other necessities. The cost also varies with the Company because the International travel selling company has their own percentage and Local trekking agencies compared to International companies the local operators are cheaper compared with international operators.

Conclusion of Trekking?

Trekking is the Most Popular and preferred holiday activity by travelers in Nepal. However, there are some drawbacks to these beautiful adventurous activities. During trekking you need to be physically and mentally fit you must have a bilingual trekking guide who has clear information about the trekking route and Paths. You also need the most reliable trekking agencies for proper management of the trek there are sometimes chances of Altitude sickness and other injuries and you need to be hospitalized in the case of an emergency so, only a reliable Trekking Agency will manage the required medical help. But, these things are rare nowadays as your trekking guide will be expert and professional who can understand the needs of help, food, and emergency rescue. So, Hiring a Professional Guide or Porter is compulsory during trekking in Nepal. Mount Glory Treks And Expedition Pvt.Ltd is the most recommended trekking company for reliable trekking activities in Nepal.

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