Best Restaurants And Cafes In Kathmandu

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Best Restaurants And Cafe In Kathmandu:

There are many restaurants catering to Western buds in Kathmandu. There are many excellent restaurants in Kathmandu that offer the food of your choice at a remarkably affordable price. The Price of food varies with the availability of materials and the demand of customers. However, for 5-10 Dollars you can find the breakfast of your choice. You can find various continental, cuisine in Kathmandu. Chinese food and Indian food are famous among many visitors. Dal, Bhat, And Tarkari is a major food for Nepalese and includes almost all type of nutrients needed for the body. Mo: Mo is Tibetian food that is preferred as tiffin by most Nepalese. As you go up the hill the selection of food varies with climate and altitude.

OR2K Restaurant Thamel:

It is the best restaurant for vegetarian food lovers In Thamel Kathmandu. It provides great music and lively decor highlighted by paintings. It is a good place for special occasions romantic dates and a peaceful environment. Its specialties are middle eastern cuisine which is delicious and plenty full of excellent hummus and falafels.


Fire and Ice Thamel:

It is an old restaurant in Kathmandu famous for a morning cup of Italian espresso or later in the day to share travel stories with friends while savoring delicious Pizzas, Pasta, Organic salad, Desserts, and even a grappa after Dinner. Whilst Italian music and opera play in the background.


Mezze, Durbar Marg:

This stylish rooftop establishment overlooking the Narayanhiti Palace is the jewel in the crown of the Roadhouse group. Situated on the classy shopping street, Durbar Marg, in the heart of the city. The outdoor deck area offers comfortable couches and armchairs with views across the town. Mezze’s state-of-the-art kitchen uses the latest technology to produce its delicious cooking. The menu boasts a varied array of international cuisine, including Roadhouse’s signature pizzas, beautifully crafted pasta dishes, and a variety of grilled meats, veggie dishes, and salads. There is also an extensive wine list – and a meeting room/wine room for connoisseurs and business meetings.


Alice Restaurant GairiDhara:

Alice Restaurant, the name of the company has been originated after the daughter of Mr. Nakul Serchan (co-founder) and his wife. The couple decided to set up their unique restaurant business in Nepal after returning back from Tokyo, Japan where they have had traditional Nepalese Restaurants for many years.
The concept of his new restaurant is to provide a homely for the guests and a large children's play area for the children. While parents spend their pleasant time with varieties of tasty food, children can have fun with a massive slide construction, books, rocking horses, toys, and dedicated babysitters on weekends!
It’s the perfect place for families who wish to enjoy their meals without the constant worry of their kids. Alice’s interior decor, color, and ambiance generate an immense feeling of openness and pleasure.

Himalaya Java Thamel:

In 1999, we started off as the first specialty coffee shop in Nepal to specialize in handcrafted coffee and bakery. Over the years, we have diversified from a small coffee shop to an international franchising Nepalese Coffee Brand with more than 30 outlets around the world.
We believe in maintaining a sustainable business ecosystem by supporting local farmers and Nepali products. Through continuous innovation in technology & process, we hope to become the most inspiring Nepalese Coffee Establishment in the world taking Nepalese Coffee and Culture to the world.


Nepali Chulo Lazimpat:

CHULO is a Nepali word which in English means a stove or various devices with different names in modern days which we use for cooking food. NEPALI CHULO is the derived authenticity of foods from the origin of the Nepalese history of cooking where we serve our guests typical Nepali & Newari food with traditional Nepali Cultural dance and folk music including various other cultural shows which represents more than 100 distinct ethnic groups of Nepal from different communities. We started NEPALI CHULO on 14th June 2004 A.D (2061 Jesth 32, Monday) for the first time from Durbarmarg, a historic palace built by Ranas. A couple of years after its establishment we shifted to a new building at Lazimpath which is also a 200 years old  historic palace built by the Rana Regime
We believe in quality service and the world-class service we deliver to our customers is our success. With the broad objectives of customer service in the food business, we are always a step ahead in the improvement of the quality of life of our customers as we do believe in GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD LIFE. Our core values in today’s market are those customers who are satisfied with the service we provided. It’s our brand, our reputation in society which really worth much more than money. But it’s not the one-man army job. It’s an effort of our entire team from the top-level management to the ground level with their utmost dedication which is the key to our success.
Give us a chance to serve you. We promise you would enjoy the ambiance of traditional Nepali cultural dance, folk tunes, and many other cultural shows with the taste of our typical Nepali & Newari food which makes you feel the impression of true Nepal.

Gokarna House Restaurant Thamel:

Gokarna House at Paknajol is one of the most supreme multicuisine restaurants in Kathmandu. The restaurant was brought to life by dynamic personnel who have served as a manager in one of the Japanese restaurants in Toyota, Japan, for 6 years. Situated in the bustling city center, the restaurant offers covered as well as open sitting areas with the best hospitality, ambiance, entertainment, and most importantly sense stimulating food. For entertainment, the joint offers a variety of folk dances from several corners of the mountains and also plays Nepali musical instruments.


Bajeko Sekuwa:

Bajeko Sekuwa’s story started about 4 decades ago with its founder Mr. Dinanath Bhandari. During a visit to the airport, he realized the scarcity of places to eat around the area and realized the potential for a food business. With the help of his beloved wife, he started serving mutton BBQ on the streets outside the airport. Soon everyone who tasted his recipe instantly fell under its spell and this humble street vendor and his mouth-watering BBQ became a local sensation.
Being of Brahmin descent with an aged textured appearance, his customers fondly started referring to him as Baje (grandpa), and his small BBQ stall became widely recognized among people as Bajeko Sekuwa. As it was illegal to operate any business around the airport and the irresponsible eating habits of some visitors littered the area with food waste attracting a lot of crows which hindered the flights. After repeated run-ins with the authorities and having to move around a few times, the struggles of his parents prompted Mr. Chetan Bhandari to toil in search of a stable establishment for the family business. With their first eatery in Sinamangal junction, began the journey of a multi-chain family restaurant that has become one of the most successful and recognizable brands in the country today. We are proud that “Bajeko Sekuwa”, the name alone makes one’s mouth water just as it did all those years ago.



Trisara Garden and restaurant !! A magnificent dine-out and hand-out?! Trisara is one of the best places in town. It is counted as the most happening restaurant with parking space and plenty of room for friends and families. In terms of food, it is outstanding and keeps our mouth-watering feeling on and on. Located at a very convenient place on Lazimpat main road and offers you one of the greatest hospitality in Kathmandu.


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